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Topic: What Should I include in the Method Section of Thesis Proposal?


If you are a student, then before you begin writing your research paper, you will have to get it approved by your supervisor or by thesis research committees. For that purpose, you will have to write a thesis proposal to convince the committee members or supervisor that the research topic is appropriate for research. You will further have to add a method section of the research methodology section in your thesis proposal to tell the supervisor how you are planning to do your research, what research methods you will be using. You will have to then prove how you can achieve the desired results by using these research methods.

This may sound like a gruesome task but in reality, it is very simple, if you are familiar with research methods. You will have to show that you are well familiar with all research methods and have picked the particular methods based on your calculated judgment that would help you achieve the desired results.

If you really want to convince your supervisor or members of the research committee, your Essay Writing Service needs to have a strong and convincing method section. Here are the elements that a convincing method section must include:

Restating the research problem

You should start off the method section of your thesis proposal by rephrasing the hypothesis or research question. This way readers would get a general idea of what potential research methods you can use to answer research questions.

Overall methodological approach

Depending on your research problem, you will choose a will state what methodological approach you would use in your research. You will either be using a qualitative approach that could not be measured in numbers and is therefore expressed in words or a quantitative approach that is simply expressed in numbers. However, you are also allowed to use a mixture of both quantitative and qualitative approaches, if necessary.

Research design

After stating your overall research methodology, you will have to inform the supervisor about the research designs, which you are using to collect data for your research. It would tell the readers how you gathered quantitative or qualitative data. For quantitative data, you can use surveys, experiments, questionnaires, and existing data as research designs. For qualitative data, you can either conduct interviews or observe an activity to collect data, in addition to procuring it from the existing Write My Paper.

Selection criteria for data collection

After explaining the research designs, you will briefly explain that if you did a survey what eligibility parameters were set and why. In this part, you will explain that for gathering primary data what sample groups were used and why certain parameters were set. You will have to justify the parameters that you set for selecting the sample and would also have to justify the generalization of the results of a sample group.

Obstacles and how you overcame them

In this section, you will briefly explain what problems, if any, you face while gathering data and how you overcame those problems. You will explain if these obstacles have affected the research and how you have mitigated the effect.

Discussing other methods that you could have used

To make the impression that you know all the methods, you should briefly discuss what other methods you could have used to collect the data. You should explain what the discrepancies with those methods were and how your selected method and design was Paper Writing Service. You can also discuss how the strengths of your selected methods and designs outweigh the weaknesses and limitations. You will have to justify your choices in this section.