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We have therefore picked up some recommended vape brands for this issue. The ones introduced here range from those that can be used for a long time with maintenance to casual disposable types. We will also cover the differences from heated cigarettes, types, and precautions when using them. Why don't you take this opportunity to try e-cigarettes as a new taste?

DR.VAPE Starter Kit

E-cigarettes are known for their powerful smoking and flavor. The highly aromatic and rich flavor is an original product developed in collaboration with a long-established flavor manufacturer. It is easy even for beginners as it is activated by simply inserting the cartridge and smoking. This starter kit includes three popular flavors such as Juicy Muscat and Mint Menthol, so you can start using it as soon as it arrives.

C-Tec C-Tec DUO Starter Kit

This electronic cigarette can be used by simply replacing the cartridge. No troublesome maintenance is required as you only need to replace the flavor cartridges when you are done smoking. A total of seven richly flavored flavors are available. The starter kit includes the most popular of them, Energy Drink and Crystal Menthol. We also recommend this product for its thorough quality control by a third-party organization.

IRUN Starter Kit

This electronic cigarette is equipped with a power change function that allows you to freely adjust the amount of smoke according to your mood or scene. It is equipped with an LED display that shows the wattage and remaining power at a glance. The air inlet is large to increase the airflow, so you can enjoy what is called "explosive" smoking. Although they require maintenance, these e-cigarettes can be used for a long time.

ARASHI Starter Kit

ARASHI is a cute e-cigarette made in China vape factory with a diamond-cut LED lamp. The smart form of the e-cigarette is based on the golden ratio, and the length is "just right" for ease of use. It also comes with colorful sticks for easy portability. The starter kit includes two popular flavors, so you can get started right away.

Eleaf iStick Pico 75W Starter Kit

The simple design of this e-cigarette makes it suitable for all ages and genders, and the adjustable power output from 1W to a maximum of 75W allows for a wide range of enjoyment, from light smoking to dynamic smoking. The top-fill design allows liquid to be injected from the top, preventing leakage. It is also designed to be easy to disassemble, so there is no need to stress about maintenance.

DOVPO Disposable E-Cigarette

The disposable e-cigarette is easy to use and does not require recharging or maintenance. It is also ideal for smoking cessation purposes, as it produces a large amount of vapor and can be smoked with the same action as a paper cigarette. You can store it with the attached cap, so you don't have to worry about the flavors being lost. When you are done smoking, simply throw it away. Although it varies from person to person, the number of times you can inhale is about 300 mouthfuls per cigarette.

NEQUARE Starter Kit

Despite its sleek form, this e-cigarette is equipped with a variety of features, including a window that shows the amount of liquid remaining and automatic magnetic attraction. The starter kit comes with five flavors, including grape and green apple. The cartridges are replaceable, making it easy to enjoy a variety of flavors. Another key point is that it is powerful enough to provide approximately 700 vapes on a full charge.

ANUWAA Disposable E-Cigarette

Disposable e-cigarettes are also recommended for e-cigarette debutants. The flavors contain only natural plant-derived ingredients such as caffeine and ginseng, and approximately 100 to 200 puffs can be expected to have the same effect as a cup of coffee. It is also a powerful smoke with a strong tobacco feel and is recommended for smoking cessation purposes. The refreshing coolness of the menthol makes it ideal for relaxation and a change of pace.

Health Ouendan Smart Cigarette Tobacco Flavor

One disposable vape product is equivalent to about 100 paper cigarettes. Just by pressing the button and smoking, you can enjoy the taste and smoke as if it were a paper cigarette itself. The simple form is easy to match with fashion and can be used by people of all ages. Since it is a disposable type that can be used easily, it is recommended as a gift for people who are concerned about their health. Made in Japan, which is rare for e-cigarettes.


I have introduced recommended electronic cigarettes in the form of popularity, was there an item that you are interested in? Electronic cigarettes do not produce nicotine, so you can enjoy them while taking care of your health. Of course, there is no need to worry about secondhand smoke, which can be harmful to the health of those around you. Recently, e-cigarettes are becoming popular not only for the purpose of smoking cessation, but also as a new luxury item. Please take this opportunity to give e-cigarettes a try!