Peter Neyt

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With a rich history spanning more than twenty years in the dynamic realm of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), I have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise. My journey has encompassed diverse roles across technical, pre-sales, sales, and management domains, offering me comprehensive insights into campus, core, WAN, and datacenter network environments.

A significant facet of my career has been dedicated to specializing in HPE/Aruba networking products, honing my skills in LAN, WAN, and WIFI technologies. My deep understanding of 'Secure Mobility' solutions, including various models like Capex, Opex, and As a Service, has allowed me to provide tailored and secure connectivity solutions.

Since 2017, I have proudly held the position of Aruba Partner Ambassador for Belgium, a testament to my commitment and proficiency in Aruba networking solutions. This role has further broadened my scope, enabling me to lead and collaborate within teams, not only at a local level but also on an international stage.

Aruba ACEX#117