Mark Simpkins

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Marketing Manager Small Midsized Business at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I joined HPE with the acquisition of SGI (Silicon Graphics, Intl.) where I worked in marketing and product management covering the Origin series, Onyx series, workstations, and Accelerators across all platforms. At HPE I have supported the HPC space, accelerators, Telco for a few minutes, and am now in the Small Midsized Business arena which I view as "HPC turned upside down", if that makes sense to anyone besides me. 
I live in the greater Pacific Northwest about an hour NE of Seattle and have an amateur radio license (K7VXN), enjoy my 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon camper, and am in my fourth year as an Apprentice Beekeeper under the Washington State Beekeepers Association. 
I love computer technology and have built my own computers for a couple decades now.