How to configure Facebook login page for Guest users


How to configure Facebook login page for Guest users

  • Navigate to Guest portal page using Site management tab or Customize guest portal option under Guest Network configuration.


















  • In Guest portal configuration page, Select “Facebook” option from the drop down list.
  • Once “Facebook” option is selected, there will be an option to Configure Facebook Wi-Fi.
  • Click "Configure Facebook Wi-Fi", it will redirect to Facebook login page.






















Facebook Page:

  • Once logged in, the Facebook will redirect to the page where the user can view the Facebook Pages Associated with that Credentials / Account.
  • Select the Page from the drop down list.

Bypass Mode:

There will be two option.

  1. Skip check-in link : Customer can access Wi-Fi either by entering their credentials to check-in to your Facebook page or they can access Wi-Fi by clicking “Skip Check-in”, in this case they won’t have to check in to your Facebook page.
  2. Require Wi-Fi code : Customers will be able to access the Wi-Fi by entering a code you give them. They won’t have to check in to your Facebook Page.

Session Length:

  • Select the length of time your customers will have Wi-Fi for after they check in.

Terms of Service

  • Optional: Add your own Terms of Service.

Click Save Settings to save the configuration.















Now the Facebook page will be mapped to the Guest Portal Network.

  • When User try to login into Facebook page, they will receive an Automatic Sign in pop-up.
  • Once they click the pop-up, they will be redirected to Facebook Page.
  • User can login using Facebook credentials.
  • User can also use Skip check in option or can use Wi-Fi code option (this is based on Facebook configuration).
  • Once logged in successfully, the user will be assigned with post-authentication role.
  • Now the end user can access the Wi-Fi until Session Length Expires.

















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