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Trown my AP11's out of the window

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Trown my AP11's out of the window

I have stopped using my AP11 netwrok after many troubles. I have had many problems and yesterday a new one occured so i am done with it.

- My iPhone still looses connections even within 5m of the nearest AP (Even with fast romaing via Radius)

- My Philips Aitpurifiers had problems connecting

- My Sonos didnt work until recently but still the Sonos App find the speakers very slow

- Lots of issiues with Airplay

- Already 1 AP out of 5 defect

- etc, etc.

Last problem is that my TV providers APP cannot stream video (4G works ok)

I accept that this adventure kost me mere than € 500,- and a lot of frustration. I have bought Ubiquity and wil never advise this product to anyone. I wish everyone here good luck with the testing of this this alpha proctuct.