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Feature Request

Hey, Aruba Partner here.

we sold a few Instant Ons to different customers and we get the same feedback from everyone. 

1. the APs wont change a Channel, the app even says the channel is crap, but without rebooting the AP nothing will change. 

2. the range of the APs is ridonkulous. I get the feeling that is the fault of the ARM, as we often had quite the same issue with Instant APs or even Controllers. If the APs see each other with a good signal strength the APs are regulating down the Tx Power. Which is usually OK, but in some cases where you are limited with where you can mount APs its making the coverage worse. 


If it would be possible to implement a slide control for Tx Power and a manual "check RF now" button it would help A LOT. Some Customers are even trying to return the APs because with the ISP Router/Wifi Combo and a Repeater the Coverage was way better.... 

I think the Instant On APs are a great idea and are a perfect fit for small businesses and home use, but the product is still in child shoes.

Firmware is 1.3.1 by the way

BR Chris

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Re: Feature Request

Unfortunately, I share the same opinion in a similar situation.

I will only add the following requests:


1. Manually chose channels.

2. Manually configure channel width

3. MAC whitelists


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