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Wired application stats abnormally high

  • 1.  Wired application stats abnormally high

    Posted 08-04-2020 07:20 PM
    I have a home network with a 1930 switch and 2 x AP12s. I have very little in the way of local network or peer to peer traffic. Before getting the 1930 all my Application stats were wireless only and for the most part they are pretty well-made sense for the given client and typical usage. However since installing the 1930 switch I have a new “Wired” category exploding my stats. For example on a typical day like today my Web usage is under 1 GB; Streaming usage is under 3 GB; Uncategorized usage is under 5 GB. But my wired usage is over 53 GB. I can’t really imagine how this can be accurate but even if it is it doesn’t seem to give me any details for where the usage is happening, unlike the other application categories.

    Basically everything is cloud except for DNS and DHCP. No local NAS or PC based shares. And no Apple TV’s to receive Airplay Traffic. The only significant local network traffic I can think of would be from my Tivo Bolt to a Tivo Mini receiver which gets used a few hours per day, mostly for streaming services and very occasional DVR traffic.

    Is this a known issue that wired application stats are 1) extremely high and 2) without any client visibility?

  • 2.  RE: Wired application stats abnormally high

    Posted 08-10-2020 08:26 PM

    Got it figured out. And the stats were not wrong. I normally try to stay off a PC once I get home and I do as much as I can from mobile apps. However when I logged in from the PC Web side at the stats were way more detailed. They showed clearly that my wired Tivo devices really were passing tons of traffic.

    But based on what I can see from my Mikrotik router stats upstream, none of that Tivo wired traffic was outbound. It was just peer to peer LAN traffic. So I guess it is good to know that when you look at the InstantOn application stats it may not be LAN to WAN but can be purely LAN. Now doubt this is true for both AP and Switch stats.

    And if you have a Tivo... apparently they pass a good amount of traffic even when seemingly lightly used.