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    IGMP Snooping and UPnP

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    Hi, Perhaps it's my limited understanding, but why when I enable IGMP Snooping on a VLAN does UPnP discovery (SSDP) become unreliable? In order for my clients to consistently see my UPnP video and audio servers on the VLAN I need to disable IGMP Snooping. ...

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    After a few remote troubleshooting I really miss the option to see port config when a switch is offline. ------------------------------ Erik ------------------------------

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    Can you elaborate a little more on the automation options using the web GUI? How does one go about learning what is needed for this ? ------------------------------ Jonathan Roeback ------------------------------

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    Hi Alan - I've managed to resolve this by going to VLAN->Voice VLAN Configuration on the 'second' switch ( the non-routing one, acting just as Layer2 switch ) and setting Admin Voice VLAN Membership to Disabled on all ports. Why this works I have no ...

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    Hey all, I've recently purchased Aruba 1930 switches x3. I've had them running for around a week but with an issue which I just cannot get my head around and am completely out of ideas. My setup: Cisco ASA Firewall 5508x = ...