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No CLI access??

  • 1.  No CLI access??

    Posted 03-08-2021 10:20 AM

    Just replaced my company switch with a brand new 1930.
    And although the web interface is not bad, I would prefer to conduct the configuration thorough the CLI, since some operations, like ACLs for example, are quite painful to set  through the web interface.

    Its a shame that a product with such a nice prospect doesn't support CLI.
    So I wonder if there are there any plans to enable the use of CLI (through SSH for example) soon ?

    I plan to order more switches soon and I'm quite satisfied with the 1930 line,  but not having a CLI is a deal breaker for me. Without support for CLI I would have to consider another brand.

    Thank you


  • 2.  RE: No CLI access??

    Posted 03-10-2021 07:20 PM
    Also, multiple tagged VLANs on a single switchport is laborious. Anything involving a higher-numbered port tends to be a bit laborious because of the default of showing only 10 ports, which can't be changed in user settings to "all ports." The grey on grey color scheme of the GUI.

    When I complained about the CLI issue, reps here said "no plans to change this." It's a deliberate policy, too, because the 1920 line had it. It's one of two dealbreakers for me--the other is related, in that CLI is needed to enable third-party optics.

    Maybe if enough people check in with this, they'll change the policy.

  • 3.  RE: No CLI access??

    Posted 03-11-2021 12:56 AM
    I too would like a CLI.
    I think it is because the whole "Instanton" series is regarded as toys.
    They are supposed to be entry-level and both attractive and performant to get you addicted.


  • 4.  RE: No CLI access??

    Posted 03-12-2021 05:23 PM
    Regarded as toys? I sincere hope not, the 1930 series is been target to SMB and not to the individual customer segment.

    If this is a deliberated policy to restrict access to hardware, I will return this product and go with another brand, the web interface although nice, makes the configuration quite painful without the need for it.

    I'll need to order more switches quite soon and CLI is fundamental. Other brands in the same price range offers CLI (even if they lack some of the features of this switch line), if I don't get an official answer soon I'll be forced to choose another manufacturer unfortunately.

    I personally don't understand the rational to limit the offering this much,  specially for an equipment that has relatively good specs like the 1930's series... Quite frustrating to be honest...

    John Ward

  • 5.  RE: No CLI access??

    Posted 04-07-2021 01:50 PM
    Well after seeing so many complaints and requests from users asking for a CLI access and yet no response from support about whether this will be implemented in the future or not, I've decided not to place a bet on it and ditch the implementation of this switch class in my company.

    The web interface makes it impossible to use this switch for relative large deployments. Sadly not due to the lack of features but simply because is too painful to configure it at scale.

    Therefore we will go with another brand since access to CLI is essential for a switch of this class..

    G. luck everyone!

    John Ward

  • 6.  RE: No CLI access??

    Posted 04-09-2021 05:41 PM
    I had to make the same call. It's so frustrating, because the hardware is capable and the interface is nice for simple tasks. It's just too laborious to configure many VLANs though. All it would take is a couple more dialog boxes or access to the CLI. Maybe with time they will do it.

  • 7.  RE: No CLI access??

    Posted 26 days ago
    Configuring the tagging and untagging of vlans in the Cloud portal got a lot better.
    You can now pull up each network it gives you a graphic of the switch and you can click each port to tag, untag, or none then hit save. Not as nice as changing all the ports at once in a cli, but still better than even the local web ui now
    Honestly these are the type of switches I'd use in my client's branch offices. Something where I need remote control of a switch and monitor all devices connected to it easily from one portal. I stick with Aruba CX 6100- CX 6400 series for the rest.