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  • Apologies if this has been asked before, I'm new to Aruba toys. For some testing prior to actually buying a pile of those AP22's to wire up a small mansion. I have a pair of AP11D Instant On toys for getting used to how this works. How can I tell them ...

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    RE: QoS for softphone

    What criteria does the Auto QoS use? Does it honor QoS Tags(DSCP)? ------------------------------ F L ------------------------------

  • Aruba Global Solution Centre technical support has stated that the AP11D Firewall Throughput is 800 Mbps.

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  • did some testing last week.. setup 3xap22 in my house, clients is not connection to the best AP.. replaced AP22 with instant 505, everything works perfect.. must be some bugs in the instant on FW for AP22 regarding power level / ARM.. tested iphone, pad, ...

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    RE: AP17 not start radio

    Hi, Now I configurated AP17 in new site there was change country (e.g. Poland) and this configuration AP working. ------------------------------ F L ------------------------------