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    Im having this exact problem on a customer site with IPTV. despite having a querier set and all the switches having snooping turned on. Im still getting mulkticast flooding. Is there any update regarding this???? ------------------------------ Richard ...

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    Hi, Please, did the team have any luck with this feature request? Thanks, Travis ------------------------------ Travis Thorne ------------------------------

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    Is there anyone who got dynamic vlans to work with dot1x? TAC told me there is no documentation available, not even with the engineering team (!). I tried the most obvious choices: Tunnel-Type, Tunnel-Medium-Type and Tunnel-Private-Group-ID, but not ...

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    RE: Voice vlan

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    Assuming you've got the rest of the network set up correctly ( DHCP, routing if needed, etc ) then the issue may be the 1930's rather small list of built in OUIs. I recently had to add a lot of new OUIs to get some Polycom phones to work. Page 108 ...

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    Look in tabel 14 and any SFP+ capable ports. Happy hunting and: Instant On Software 2.9 Release Blog ( with: Instant On 1930 - Switching Software Portal ( Instant On 1960 - Switching Software Portal ...