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    RE: Aruba 1930 link issue

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    hi, i also see on logs those ports " NT_LLDP-N-LLDP_TRAP" what that means?

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    Thanks, Jon, for providing the information. We have checked with the Team internally and not seeing this issue. Can you please contact support to open a case to triage further ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: Instant On - Wired

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to integrate the Aruba InstantOn 1930 Switch into our existing network. I am having issues configuring the switch right now. My problem: I configured everything related to Radius Authentication but nothing ...

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    If you have the plain1830 8g with just port 1 port marked as 1 PD then that is not a POE switch. That port is for connecting to a POE switch to power this switch when a local outlet isn't available. The switch on the right with the greyed ports are ...

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    What's the point of the restriction though. Restrictions should come in the form of features, layer 3 etc, like all other vendors. This 22 network and 50 device limit seems pointless, a device limit I could understand on a free cloud platform, but the ...