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    RE: 2.6.0 Software Rollout

    Thankyou - as a feature request; can the "Per-AP Quiet Light Mode" have the ability to schedule this mode be added? It would be benficial to be able to turn the lights off at night time and on during the day (for example). Thanks. ------------------------------ ...

  • Indeed I find this very strange that they would release 2.5G ethernet capable access points without a switch in the fleet to support them. This is supposed to be a product family - I should be able to buy a solution from them for wired and wireless that ...

  • Hi Katerina, Sorry you're having a hard time with creating an account. Did you receive an error message when attempting to create your account? ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------

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    RE: Sw version 2.6?

    No problem at all, Andy. My goal is to provide the community with any information I can share. ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------

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    RE: 1960 upgrade

    Hey Brian! Please refer to the section Backup and Update Files on how to upgrade the switch from the local Web GUI. https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/InstantOn_1960_Switch/mcg_1960.pdf Here's the latest image on 1960: https://community.arubainstanton.com/blogs/jamie-easly1/2021/11/01/instanton1960switchsoftwareportal?CommunityKey=26af222f-d9da-43cb-a665-cba6c273756c ...