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  • Hi Katerina, Sorry you're having a hard time with creating an account. Did you receive an error message when attempting to create your account? ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------

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    2.6.0 Software Rollout

    We have started delivering the new 2.6.0 software to all users today. You should receive a notification as the new version arrives at your site. Thank you for the patience and feedback. You can check out our release blog What's New in Aruba Instant ...

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    RE: Sw version 2.6?

    No problem at all, Andy. My goal is to provide the community with any information I can share. ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------

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    RE: 1960 upgrade

    Hey Brian! Please refer to the section Backup and Update Files on how to upgrade the switch from the local Web GUI. https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/InstantOn_1960_Switch/mcg_1960.pdf Here's the latest image on 1960: https://community.arubainstanton.com/blogs/jamie-easly1/2021/11/01/instanton1960switchsoftwareportal?CommunityKey=26af222f-d9da-43cb-a665-cba6c273756c ...

  • Not to put too fine a point on things: Bug fixes and usability enhancements. Who do you think you are? Sony? ^^? ------------------------------ Still can't change my name from FL17! ------------------------------