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  • no guest vlan, the APs create a dhcp server for guests on a random IP subnet that is not routable to anything on any LANs, just internet access. you just give it a name or ssid and decide if you want it open, password protected or a portal.

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    RE: SFP+

    Hey Robby, jup, der letztgenannte ist der richtige - von denen habe ich aktuell 7 im Einsatz - funktionieren bisher absolut zuverlässig.

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    RE: Management VLAN

    Uplink Management VLAN of AP cannot be changed after onboarding but can be done before onboarding. Please refer to the section IP Assignment for Access Points on the user guide linked below. https://higherlogicdownload.s3-external-1.amazonaws.com/AIO/14a38ed9-49a3-1262-018b-fedf0aec62c5_file.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAVRDO7IEREB57R7MT&Expires=1652802629&Signature=Rouc%2F5IcCdNhxXKpkHGIRHrs6CI%3D ...

  • Goodday, I just purchased a instant on AP22. I want to create two or three wireless networks. One: Personal use Second: IOT Devices (Sonos, camera etc Third: Guest wlan I will add some extra AP's in the near future but i want to know if ...