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  • Hi Tim, You can still add many sites to your setup, each can have up to 25 APs that share the same WLANs Regards Samy ------------------------------ Samy Masihy ------------------------------

  • All 3 are in the same site serving all the clients, but for different VLANS. ------------------------------ Nico Rautenbach ------------------------------

  • Chad, This community is for Aruba InstantON I believe you are looking for the airheads community forum. Please post your question here. https://community.arubanetworks.com/home

  • I too have a similar issue. The PS4 absolutely insists it is connected to the furthest AP11D on a different floor. Despite having line of sight to one that is less than half the distance AND two walls away. ------------------------------ F --------- ...

  • DS_AIO_1930SwitchSeries.pd Apparently, 2.55 lb is 0.82kg. (should float) 7.21 lb is 1.16kg. (metric version floats, imperial version sinks) 5.32 lb is 2.41kg. 7.71 lb is 3.50kg. And this isn't the only place with have issues with weights. I was thinking ...