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    RE: AP17 not start radio

    Hi, Now I configurated AP17 in new site there was change country (e.g. Poland) and this configuration AP working. ------------------------------ F L ------------------------------

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    AP22 issues

    I have set up instant on AP 22 and I have some problems: 1) iPad Pro latest version and it is like two meters from AP and all the time is reconnecting to the network. You are working like 1 hour and then it disconnects. 2) I have few Smart Home things ...

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    Refurbished devices

    Good day, There are companies in my country that offer refurbished Aruba instant on devices. I also see Amazon selling renewed devices. Besides not getting that 90 day support, these places do offer a warranty on the item. Are these ok to use?, i would ...

  • Your client should roam to the AP that has the best signal quality. ------------------------------ Greg Thiesen ------------------------------

  • Will we see the ability to manage broadcast power levels or RSSi levels any time soon? There is no logic that I see behind the power levels being broadcast, and clients keep connecting to APs that are across my site screaming at full power VS the client ...