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    RE: Problem AP22 and 2.3.1

    Well it took 24 hours, but it finally just failed. I was really hoping it would work with local defaults. This is with removing it from cloud, and then setting it to defaults. Time to start shutting stuff off features one by one I guess. This will take ...

  • After 2 weeks of usage by 4 family members and sporadic testing along the way, the 5GHz connected devices continue to perform extremely well on the AP22. However, the 2.4 connected devices have started displaying the same issues as noted by others: dropped ...

  • Hi, would you please advise anyone, how many numbers of IAP can be support as a virtual controller? i guess, it should be supported up to 25 IAP. Thanks, saty ------------------------------ satyabhan singh ------------------------------

  • Hey Justin, Thank you for reaching out to us here. I'm checking with my team to confirm what recommendations would be good for this situation. ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------

  • Any updates, my DNS is pushing 1.6 million PRT looks from the APs. This getting a bit out of hand at this point. ------------------------------ Dave TB ------------------------------