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  • 1.  aruba 1830 compatible transceiver

    Posted 05-15-2023 04:17 PM


    I would like to know the model of a transceiver (SFP) 1Gigabit for 1 fiber optic SM compatible with the switch aruba 1830


    mateus silva

  • 2.  RE: aruba 1830 compatible transceiver

    Posted 05-21-2023 08:07 AM


    usually i work with 1930, from my work with this model, i never encountered any SFP that does not work with the switches.


  • 3.  RE: aruba 1830 compatible transceiver

    Posted 05-22-2023 09:26 AM

    I mostly have the 1930 switches as well.  Only have the 8 port 1830 that does not have any SFP ports.   I use the FS (Fiber Store) FS-10GSR-85 (10G SFP+ 850nm 300m) in all my switches (1930 24 Port, 1930 48 Port, Fortinet 124E and Fortinet 224E, Juniper Ex2200-C, FS 3900 and FS-3410 ) and this SFP+ works in all of them even if  it is 1G or 10G.  No need to buy the Aruba, or manufacture brands in my opinion.   Depending on the switch you may have to set the flow control or manually set the rate instead of using auto.

    Michael Ellis