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Aruba 1930 - New setup InstantON difficulties query with DNS/AP's

  • 1.  Aruba 1930 - New setup InstantON difficulties query with DNS/AP's

    Posted 01-29-2024 01:17 PM

    Hey all,

    I've recently purchased Aruba 1930 switches x3.

    I've had them running for around a week but with an issue which I just cannot get my head around and am completely out of ideas.

    My setup:

    Cisco ASA Firewall 5508x = Uplink

    2x 48G PoE 1930

    1x 24G PoE 1930

    VLAN 1 default

    VLAN 40 Internal Wifi - (Cisco Meraki AP's)

    VLAN 80 Guest Wifi - (Cisco Meraki AP's)

    All ports on switches are untagged for VLAN 1

    All ports on switches are tagged for VLAN's 40 and 80.

    Meraki AP's complain about DNS errors.

    If I connect my uplink from the firewall to an HP 1820 switch (Managed with same VLAN config) then connect from that to my Aruba 48G, my AP's are then happy. 

    The spare switch and the Aruba's are all running same IP range (192.168.2.*) and subnet mask ( If I connect to the HP 1820 and ping from the laptop (Static IP it works. If I connect to Aruba switch 1 and ping it ( from the laptop it fails to ping. If I then change the laptop IP to Automatic it picks up DHCP from the firewall ( and works. Obviously not ideal as we have many static devices...

    It's driving me mad, I can't figure out what the issue could be?

    Any help would be amazing or even some tips and tricks to point towards troubleshooting something.

    Thank you for anything in advance.

    Neil Phillips