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  • 1.  Aruba 1960 and 1830 CLI

    Posted 03-23-2023 04:05 PM

    Hello folks,

    I made a big mistake now I call myself as the dumbest admin ever.

    I purchased 2 Arubas for my home network:
    One Aruba 1960 24 Port Switch
    One Aruba 1830 8 Port Switch

    They work OK after being properly configured.
    But now I had to restart the smaller switch from remote via CLI
    and I stated, that the switch completely lacks any CLI options.
    After researching, I found out, that they HAD command line in the past and it was removed.
    I cannot return the switches now, so I want to know, if there is some workaround to get CLI support (even inofficial).
    If there is no possibility to get CLI ti work, I would sell both switches because they are unusable for me.
    I'm really disappointed, that HP makes so called "managed switches" that doesn't even support such mandatory and primitive basics like CLI.
    Even worse, they have ACTIVELY REMOVED that function.
    This is in my opinion som kind of plunder, because you HAD some function, but after an update you DON'T have it anymore without warning.

    If someone have the 2.3.3 firmware, I would be glad if someone would share it.

    @ HP Support:

    I work for a middle sized business and this company is growing.
    They asked me what kind of hardware to by.
    I first had HP and CISCO switches on my list. Cisco was too expensive, so: no way.
    But knowing this, I cannot recommend HP too, because it's unusable without CLI.
    I cannot automate management routines.
    We would now buy 21 Switches, 3 Routers and 11 APs from other brands.

    Sorry, but even such cheap manufacturers like Netgear or TP Link have CLI in their managed switches.
    What do you all have with cloudy bullshit and forced management from OUTSIDE the companies network?
    It's MY hardware, it's MY network, it's MY responsibility in configuration.
    No admin with more than 3 brain cells would accept a cloud, wich severs they cannot control.
    I cannot trust a network or a server, that i don't have control of it.
    And I should give it potencially access to my network?
    On wich planet do you all live?
    If I want to remote in my network, I use a VPN. End of discussion.
    The key remains in MY hand and NEVER EVER leave my own castle.

    Please re-add CLI to the firmwares, otherwise in 3 weeks I would sell my switches and cancel any recommendations regarding HP.
    I am a programmer and I know, that it is NOT timespending, adding CLI to the software,
    cause it was included in the past.
    That's not professional.

    David Li Bergolis
    Analogics IT

  • 2.  RE: Aruba 1960 and 1830 CLI

    Posted 03-24-2023 12:31 PM
    Hello David,

    I think you could check if the models are based on Realtek chips. Then I see a possibility to aim for a near-perfect solution instead of the proprietary limitations:

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  • 3.  RE: Aruba 1960 and 1830 CLI

    Posted 03-28-2023 02:00 PM

    Hey David,

    We are not planning to implement a request for Command Line Interface. These switches can be managed via local Web GUI, and automation is possible on the web GUI if the cloud is not a desired option for your deployment.

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