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  • 1.  Bug: DHCP on voice VLAN

    Posted 09-19-2023 11:25 AM

    Ran into an issue where devices on the voice VLAN could not get IPs from DHCP. Saw some other community posts where the same issue was happening. This appears to be caused when the switch does not have a default gateway set under 'Setup Network' > 'Get Connected'. It only affects the voice VLAN. Disabling 'Voice VLAN state' and removing the interfaces from 'Admin Voice VLAN membership' under the settings 'VLAN' > 'Voice VLAN Configuration' allows DHCP to work again for that VLAN. Setting a default gateway (even if it's not in the voice VLAN) causes DHCP in the voice VLAN to function normally again.

    Issue encountered on 2.6 and firmware.

    Posting in case others run into the issue with DHCP on voice VLAN and hoping this bug can be patched. No DHCP relays or ip helpers were involved, so there shouldn't be a need to set the default gateway for voice VLAN to function with DHCP, especially since the default gateway for the management VLAN and the IP of the 

    Aaron Branson