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  • 1.  Comware - qos - dot1p

    Posted 25 days ago


    we have 2 datacenters with a layer 2 leased line in between, HP comware switches 5700 are used as core switches and the layer 2 connection (bridge aggregation) is patched directly on the comware switches.

    As the layer 2 leased line has limited bandwidth, I want to prioritize  some traffic (e.g. HA heartbeats from the firewalls, which are in a dedicated vlan).

    My idea is to use layer 2 802.1p, create a traffic classifier, qos policy  and apply this to the interfaces (where the layer 2 leased line is patched) on the switches (both sides).

    In this way, in case there would be congestion on the leased line, all traffic from specific vlans would be prioritized (802.1p priority 7).

    I have found some examples, but these are always assigned to a vlan (prioritizes the vlan on the switch), but I want to mark all traffic from a specific vlan and give this the highest priority by assigning this policy .

    I'm struggling how to implement this...

    Can anyone help me or give me an idea how I could start with this?

    Any help is much appreciated!