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  • 1.  IGMP Snooping and UPnP

    Posted 02-18-2024 06:53 AM


    Perhaps it's my limited understanding, but why when I enable IGMP Snooping on a VLAN does UPnP discovery (SSDP) become unreliable?

    In order for my clients to consistently see my UPnP video and audio servers on the VLAN I need to disable IGMP Snooping. Surely I shouldn't need to do that?

  • 2.  RE: IGMP Snooping and UPnP

    Posted 03-20-2024 02:54 PM

    I finally solved my problem. As I was installing the latest v2.91, I found that the UPnP server (Emby on Synology) did not allow IGMP through its firewall. Once I had added a rule for this IGMP Snooping worked fine!