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  • 1.  JL681B Coming?

    Posted 11-16-2023 08:43 AM

    Hello all!

    I am interested in buying a new switch and I am looking at the JL681A. However, I noticed that there is already a newer version of the 24-port model, the JL683B. Is there going to be a JL681B as well? If yes, what will be the changes?

    Thank you in advance for your time!

    George Papadopoulos

  • 2.  RE: JL681B Coming?

    Posted 05-17-2024 10:51 AM

    It's almost six months to the day of your post and no indication of an upcoming "B" model.  The JA618A is fanless.  The "B" models only addressed fan noise, so there's no real reason to change models unless some redesign is required, IMO.   

    In the case of the 24 & 48-port "A/B" models, which I own both of, the As fans were unnecessarily loud.  The Bs are perfectly quiet.  I swapped in Noctua fans into the A models to solve the noise issue.  Otherwise, they perform identically in every other aspect.  

    Travis McMurry