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  • 1.  Voice vlan

    Posted 20 days ago

    Hello guys,

    In aruba Instant on Switch 1930, I am trying to configure voice vlan in a specific interface (lets say 18), i have enabled voice vlan; vlan 17 in my case, then i enable it on interface 18.

    in vlan confiuration, in vlan interface configuration:

    i configured interface 18; 

    • vlan 10 as untagged 
    • vlan 17 as tagged
    • pvid is set to vlan 10

    I am new at aruba networks, but i think this would work; when i connect my ip phone to aruba switch, and connect second port of ip port to my pc, but it didn't work.

    Is this the right configuration, or i'm i missing somthing.

    ps: why 1930 switch does not have console so i can connect through ssh.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Ahmed Benaouata

  • 2.  RE: Voice vlan

    Posted 20 days ago

    Assuming you've got the rest of the network set up correctly ( DHCP, routing if needed, etc ) then the issue may be the 1930's rather small list of built in OUIs. I recently had to add a lot of new OUIs to get some Polycom phones to work.

    Page 108 in the manual ( )

    Darren Durbin