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    Aruba WLC Ap515||

    can anyone tell me or assist me , how can i backup my current firmware of my aruba wlc AP 515. thanks in advance !! ------------------------------ Mr Jeet ------------------------------

  • Hi Patel, I have been advised that our Airheads Community members can assist with your concern. ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Instant On - Wired

    Having just tangled with a 1930 and its GUI, please add SSH. I cannot trust anything I see or do in the GUI to actually work. ------------------------------ Gordon Ablett ------------------------------

  • Hello I'm new here and this is my first post. My AP22 is reboot several times and eventual stays up only repeat this the next day or hours later. My wired connection is fine from my 1830 switch is fine. Where can I find troubleshooting guide to information? ...

  • Posted in: Mobile App

    Hi there, I'm using the latest app version, and I don't have the dots/gear in the header on the Networks panel. I'm trying to get to Shared Services, in the hopes that I can enable Airdrop on my network. Are the user manuals wrong? ------------------------------ ...